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Long day Care

Educators offer flexible start and finish times and accommodate where possible for those parents whose hours of work change from week to week. Our Co-Ordination unit will endeavour to get you in contact with the best Educator for your family’s needs.

Before School Care

Parents that find themselves having to commence work prior to school starting can take advantage of 'Before School Care'.  Educators can arrange for your child to be taken to school whether it be by bus, car or walking, (if the school is in close proximity).

After School Care

Similar to Before School Care, Educators can arrange to collect children from school by car, bus or walking (if the school is in close proximity).  This takes the stress away from Parents who work outside school hours.

Overnight Care

In the event of an emergency or an extenuating circumstance 'Overnight Care' may be arranged with your Educator.  This option gives families the comfort of having a back up plan if the need arises.

For further information about the care we can offer, please do not hesitate to contact our office. Our Co-Ordination unit will be only too happy to assist you with providing further information about what each Educator is able to offer.

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